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7 Signs You Have Low Emotional Intelligence

7 Signs You Have Low Emotional Intelligence

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Do you feel like you have low emotional intelligence? In this article, we highlight the top seven signs of low emotional intelligence.

Having low EQ can have massive effects on your productivity and relationships. The good news is you can always work to increase your emotional intelligence. See 9 ways to enhance your emotional intelligence here.

One major way of increasing your emotional intelligence is to seek counseling. Talk to a therapist to help you figure out your emotions and the best way to respond to them. Notice how I did not say react to your emotions? Yeah, this is because people with low EQ react rather than respond to their emotions.

One place you can get convenient counseling services is Online therapy. This a website that provides online counseling services for everyone. You get to pick the best hours to get counseling, pick your therapist and change your therapist whenever you need to. Use this link to sign up for online counseling services and get a 10% discount and we will earn a commission from it.

With that being said let us dive into these 7 signs you may have low emotional intelligence.

1. You’re Always Complaining.

This is a classic sign of low emotional intelligence, and it’s one that can be hard to spot at first. But if you’ve ever complained about your boss, coworkers, or someone else in authority over you, then chances are you have done this before, and probably multiple times.

When we complain about something or someone, it gives us power over them because we’re taking control of their response (which should be positive). It also allows us to avoid responsibility by shifting blame onto others instead of ourselves. However, these reactions don’t last long because eventually our emotions get stirred up again until they boil over into another round of complaining!

2. You don’t listen to feedback.

Feedback is an important part of building and maintaining relationships. It allows you to see what’s working well, and it can help you develop new skills or improve existing ones.

People with low emotional intelligence will always have a hard time taking feedback. They will always see it as an attack from the people giving them the feedback. They tend to gravitate towards people who always praise them just to feel good about themselves.

When feedback comes from people you trust and those who want the best for you, it would be wise to give it some thought.

3. You Blame Other People For Everything.

Blaming others for your problems is a sign of low emotional intelligence. It’s important to take responsibility for your own actions and stop pointing fingers at others.

If you find yourself blaming another person, ask yourself if this is something that will help or hurt the situation in any way. If it will help, then go ahead and do it; if not then don’t worry about getting caught up in a blame-game mentality because it doesn’t help anyone except maybe yourself.

4. You can’t manage your emotions.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize, understand and manage emotions.

Emotions are a normal part of life. We all feel them, we all need to deal with them and we can improve our emotional intelligence by learning new skills.

Emotional control is one of these skills that can be learned through practice and then improved on over time by doing so.

If you are having a difficult time controlling your emotions, counseling is something you should consider seeking. Talk to a professional, and let them walk with you young to help figure out why your emotions are out of control.

5. You Don’t Feel Guilty.

If your emotions are low, you may not feel guilty. Guilt is a natural human emotion that helps us learn from our mistakes and improve our lives. However, if guilt becomes an unhealthy emotion in your life it can be a sign that something needs attention.

If someone doesn’t care about hurting the feelings of others then they have no guilt in them. Although sometimes, when the intentions are pure, you can do things that will hurt others. The way to know that your intentions were pure is when you feel guilt for hurting that person.

A perfect example of a person with low EQ is someone who is out here serial dating, breaking hearts without caring about the person they led on.

They only think about themselves and their own interests instead of those involved with the situation at hand.

6. Your relationships are suffering.

If you are having trouble creating and maintaining relationships, it could be an indicator that you have low emotional Intelligence.

We are not designed to get along with everyone in the world. However, if all your relationships are ending for similar reasons and in similar ways, then you could be the problem.

It’s not always easy to improve relationships, but they can be improved with effort and time spent together.

7. You don’t empathize with other people’s pain.

Empathy is the ability to identify with other people’s feelings, thoughts, and emotions. It’s a key component of emotional intelligence (EQ).

You can’t have high EQ if you don’t feel sympathy for others’ pain. Empathy, however, is not the same as sympathy. Sympathy is feeling sorrow and pity towards someone.

To be able to empathize with someone means you understand their situation in detail. When they’re upset or hurt, you can imagine how it feels from their perspective. If someone says something hurtful towards them, you may actually be hurt too!

When you empathize with someone else’s pain, you are able to communicate with them in ways that are effective but not hurtful.


If you have gone through this and discovered that you have more than three of these characteristics, you have low emotional intelligence. You should consider adopting new activities and practices to improve your intelligence.

Do not feel bad or discouraged for having low EQ because nobody has ever achieved the ultimate levels of a high EQ. We are all working to improve our intelligence and anyone who feel like they have nothing to work on when it comes to their EQ, then this a sign that their EQ is low.

I wish you all the best as you continue your journey to achieving a higher Eq.

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