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Blurring lines between Virtual and Real Life – Look of the Day: April 02, 2019

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Not Everyday is a Glam Dazzling Dream
Not every day is a Glam Dazzling Dream

Last week when I received messages from readers that they cannot see my posts on the top of their Instagram profile, I started small research to find the cause that leads me to a pandora box of dos and don’ts of Social Media like strategics for maximum coverage. Trust me when I say, it makes your head spin.

While I have been part of the computer science field for almost a one and a half-decade. This weekend has been an eye-opener.  Reading these strategies makes me realize how social media is selling a fantasy. Before starting my blogs, I was never a big SM user, so never paid close attention to how things work. But today I know and understand, how there is a very thin line between virtual and real-life thanks to Social Media.

After looking at thousands of glamorous pictures on Social Media that go through sometimes an extensive photoshop manipulation, life seems like a fairy tale. Somewhere there, I believe I am also part of those sellers. A small fish in a big pond. It could be misleading, making readers believe it is all happening in real-time. But today, I just want to say this that Not every day is a glamorous day with dazzling events and perfect looks. Most of the time, bloggers and influencers have back up contents to post when they are actually sitting in their bedroom without makeup. While in real life some days are bad clothes day while some are bad hair day. And they are perfectly normal and ordinary, showing we are human and we have a real-life that is not inspired by the virtual world.

It is okay to be lazy once in a while. it is okay to wear your comfy pyjamas with a baggy sweater to have a relaxing day. It is okay to wear your worn-out favourite top with 5 years old shorts to spend a sunny day.

SM is for communication, sharing your knowledge and talent, having feedback to learn more and improve. It is a great learning platform where we can spread lots of love and positivity, inspire people in a positive way and that’s what we should be doing. I hope I am doing a bit of that on this blog.

Dedicating this Cozy and Comfy outfit of the day to the same thought. The outfit has:


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