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Cheating rules 101

Cheating rules 101

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Cheating is an awful thing to do to a person. However, the many cases of cheating in relationships prompted us to write this article.

It’s not about the outcome but the journey that got you there. So when it comes down to cheating, there are some things you have to know and follow. Don’t be a cheater, and don’t get caught if you plan on being unfaithful.

Here are some cheating rules you should consider following if you decide to go that road. We do not advocate for cheating here; these rules protect the victim, not you, the cheater.

Do Not Get Caught Cheating

 Amber Rose once said, ‘ All men cheat, and only those who don’t love their partners enough get caught’ I agree with her.

The thing is, if you get caught cheating, is it cheating anymore? No! That’s a divorce/ separation waiting to happen. If you are cheating with no intention of leaving your current partner, don’t be so careless as to get caught.

Do Not Put It Out There

 Cheating and putting it out there is the ultimate disrespect toward your partner. It is one thing to cheat and another to show the entire world.

Cheating openly is bullying and is not right in any way, shape, or form.

Use Protection When Cheating

Use protection, cheaters! There are way too many Sexually Transmitted Infections out there, yet everybody is looking healthy. Please, for your love of yourself, use protection. Don’t bring diseases to your partners. You wouldn’t want to die early and leave your kids under the care of other people. Use protection!


Tame Your Men/Women

If you decide to cheat, know how to play the game right. It is so frustrating and embarrassing on your part to see your lovers fighting in clubs, sliding into each other’s DMs with ambiguous abuses, and fighting over you on social media.

If you are a cheat, grow some balls and let your women/men know how to act. If you can’t do that, cheating is too much responsibility for you to handle, and you lack the ‘it’ factor in the cheating game.

Do Not Kill Anyone

This world has got some creepy, selfish, and evil people. Some people think they have the right to take other people’s lives for their selfish gains kindly if they decide to cheat or end a relationship with somebody, divorce, or get separation from them.

Please do not kill anybody. Not the one you are cheating with and not the one you are cheating on. Killing is the ultimate act of cowardice and failure.

Break-Up With Them

Breaking up with the person you are cheating on seems harsh, but it is the most practical approach. You are not in love with the person you are cheating on.

And even if you are in love with them, you know letting them go is the most decent thing you can do because they deserve better than you.

If you are struggling with breaking up with someone, read this article about ways to break up with someone.


We do not advocate cheating here. It is a bad thing to do to anybody. However, if you have decided to go that road, this article provides some common decency for the act.

Remember, you can always choose not to cheat. And if you are struggling with cheating, you can always consider counseling.

For Online counseling services, kindly consider using Online Therapy. You will get to choose your therapist and your session hours.

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