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Face Augmentation: What Are The Latest Trends In Plastic Surgery?

Face Augmentation: What Are The Latest Trends In Plastic Surgery?

Face Augmentation: What Are The Latest Trends In Plastic Surgery?

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In the 2020s, it is no longer taboo to undergo the knife to attain the perfect beauty standard you have set for yourself. While many people are born with their desired looks, some would love to change a feature or two, which works miracles on their self-esteem. Body positivity is now celebrated in every way as unique as every individual, and today, no barrier exists when it comes to facial augmentation. Plastic surgery has come a long way, fulfilling people’s dreams who wish they could change a little something in their appearance. Be it a crooked nose to the excessive skin around the neck, today; we’ll be exploring the top plastic surgery picks in vogue globally.


Rhinoplasty makes the top of the list, being one of the most prominent surgery choices of the last year. The process involves changing the shape of a patient’s nose based on their facial structure and preference. For many, rhinoplasty by Dr. Javad Sajan has been a great confidence booster. Not only do they use surgical methods to augment the nose cartilage and bone into a better-suited shape, but they also use implants to give a particular form when the need arises.

Brow lifts:

Eyebrows are the markers of human expression, but some people have them positioned in asymmetric ways or in an unflattering angle. This can be easily corrected using a brow lift, where the eyebrows are pulled up from the scalp, giving more facial definition and sharpness. Not only is this one of the boldest looks of the year, the trend of “mermaid brows” is trending globally.


Not everyone is blessed by dimples, or some people have very light dimples they’d like to make more prominent. Being a genetic quirk, dimples have been the source of fascination for a long time. Located at the cheeks and chin, people love to compliment a face brightened by a dimpled smile. However, today this look can be achieved easily with a minor surgery with minimal risk or invasion.

Double chin tuck:

Many people inherently have a double chin or a fatty under-chin that they’d like to remove. Having jaw definition is a sought-after feature, especially for men. So you won’t be surprised when we tell you that many men prefer to go under the knife to accentuate their jawline and remove their double chin skin to look sharper.

Fox-eye lifts:

With the South Korean wave taking over the world comes a need to possess features like them. Fox-eye lifts are procedures where the corners of the eyes are tightened and lifted to give an almond-like shape to drooping eyes.

Double eyelid surgery:

In contrast to South Korean culture, the procedure to change Asian monolids into double creased eyelids is at an all-time high these days.

Wrapping Up:

Beauty standards change as per geography, and depending on that, people all love to look a certain way! One thing that is good to know is people today take body autonomy in their stride, not shying away from achieving the look of their dreams with the help of qualified and experienced specialists.

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