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Facing Life After Cancer Treatment

Facing Life After Cancer Treatment

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Cancer changes your life in unfathomable ways. Everything from your emotions to your physical takes a hit. The roller coaster of an experience that is cancer starts at diagnosis. You may think that it ends after treatment. Far from that, facing life forward is another affair. Cancer forges your life in such a way that you have to find a new normal. You may look healthy on the outside but still have strides to make to recover physically and emotionally. You may also feel isolated, seeing that you will be engaging with the treatment team less often. That said, there are various tips to help you find a new way of living. Here is how to face life after cancer treatment:

Take care of your body

A focus on staying healthy is necessary. Take care of your body. Eat nutritious foods and incorporate plenty of fruits and vegetables into your diet. It will help you rebuild tissues and regain strength. Work with a dietician to identify an eating plan that will cater to your nutritional needs. Reduce intake of red meats and alcohol and enjoy a variety of foods in all food groups. Move your body. Find time for exercise in your day. Start easy and increase the amount and intensity of the workouts as you recover. Give your body enough rest by getting adequate sleep. 

Build your self-confidence

Cancer treatment and surgeries may have left with a new appearance. That could be a cause for self-consciousness. Your confidence may be in dire straits with all the changes. It is possible to feel like a shell of your former self. The lack of confidence may strain your relationships with your loved ones because you may feel unworthy of affection or love. Allow yourself to grieve your previous self, but don’t mope for too long. Get yourself up. Do what you must to recover your self-esteem. If you had a mastectomy, consider a breast reconstruction by Dr. Allen Gabriel to get you back to feeling like yourself again. The more confident you are with your appearance, the more comfortable people are around you. 

Take care of your mind

The mental and emotional turmoil does not vanish immediately after the treatment. Build your emotional muscle by taking care of your mind. Keep the company of people who encourage you in the journey forward. Have a robust support system and inner circle with whom you can lay bare your concerns and feelings in the months following the treatment. Do not be afraid to tell them what you need. If discussing your fears does not sit well with you, opt to record your thoughts and concerns in a journal. Keep stress at a minimum. Use relaxation techniques, meditation and yoga to help with stress management. Live in the moment and appreciate what is essential. Keep busy and find activities that will take your mind away from your fears. 

Attend all the follow-up appointments

Do not let the fear of the worst cripple you from going to doctor’s appointments. If you have any symptoms that worry you, discuss the concerns with your doctor. Be open about your fears. Inquire about the probability of recurrence. Ask about the signs and symptoms you need to keep an eye on. The more you know, the more in control you will feel. 


There is still much to do to recover after your cancer treatment. The tips above will help you get back on your feet and gain a sense of control over your life. Soon enough, having had cancer will not be a debilitating aspect of your existence.

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