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The Popular Fenty Beauty The All Skin Tone Makeup

The Popular Fenty Beauty The All Skin Tone Makeup

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This beautiful makeup holder belongs to Fenty Beauty By Rihanna, The All Skin Tone Makeup. Their product caters to all skin types and colors. If you can find the right foundation for your skin, look no more because Fenty Beauty is here for you.
Fenty Beauty By Rihanna The All Skin Tone Makeup

Hello, makeup, freaks! Today is a special day. Today, we’re going to talk about a brand that’s not only special for us but also thousands of women around the world—a brand whose story, mission, and driving motives are undoubtedly impressive. Unlike most new makeup brands, this brand holds a whole different (and heartfelt) definition of beauty. A purpose that surpasses all stereotypical definitions endorses all skin tone makeup and celebrates women like never before!

Alright, let me finally break it to you all: It’s none other than Fenty Beauty. The epitome of class, quality, and inclusiveness. That features all skin tone makeup for the first time in history. So here’s an overview of Fenty Beauty:

Brand Story (Rihanna’s noble mission)

Fenty Beauty has gained crazy hype. And for all the right reasons. How often do you see a celebrity concerned about common women’s beauty issues and creating an entire beauty brand for them? It’s indeed Rihanna’s spectacular vision, mission, and story that made Fenty Beauty a huge success.

Rihanna was bothered that the beauty industry doesn’t cater to women of color as it should. Imagine a beautiful dark-skinned woman being frustrated because she can’t find the perfect foundation for her skin tone!!! That’s merely sad and unfortunate. Isn’t it? And guess what? A lot of women face this issue! Rihanna wanted to change it! Therefore, she wanted to create a beauty line that truly represents women of every color, every race, and culture. And Rihanna did it! She created Fenty Beauty: In other words, a brand that features all skin tone makeup products. Also, with Fenty Beauty’s unique products, every woman can shine bright like a diamond!!

All Skin Tone Beauty Products

In fact, Fenty Beauty’s products are a complete package of innovation, class, and radiance. Rihanna herself plans and executes every product’s design, down to the smallest detail. Indeed, she believes that makeup is supposed to play with, and it shouldn’t feel like a uniform! Therefore, Rihanna incorporated all her creativity and artistic vision into creating the best beauty products, including:

  • Primer: It’s your ultimate priming solution. Not only does it smooth your skin for a perfect foundation application, but it also enhances your natural skin color. What’s more, its warm and pinky tone doesn’t make your skin chalky.
  • Foundations: Now, this is hands down the best part about Fenty Beauty’s entire product line. It came as a breakthrough in the beauty industry with a whopping 40 shades!! Yes, 40, you heard it right! Also, its unique matte-finish formula gives a dewy but natural look.
Fenty Beauty All Skin Tone Makeup Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation

$36 at Sephora

A soft-matte, long-wear foundation with buildable, medium to full coverage, now in a boundary-breaking range of 50 shades.

  • Shimmer Sticks: This multi-purpose makeup stick can conceal, color correct, contour, highlight, and enhance your skin-all at once!
  • Highlighters: These are duos of shimmery, cream-powder-based highlighters. Each duo features two shades: one for a subtle day look and the other for a glimmering night look.
  • Blotting Powder and Paper: These invisimatte blotting powder and blotting paper instantly absorb face oil and diffuse pores for an instant fresh look.
  • Lip Luminizer: It features a gorgeous rose-nude shade to add immense shine and plumpness to your lips.
  • Brushes: These super cute portable brushes are designed for perfect makeup application.

Final Word

Fenty Beauty, the all skin tone makeup, is undoubtedly a revolutionary beauty brand. It has not only redefined worldwide beauty standards but also empowered women of color like never before!

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