January 2021 Top Fashion Picks

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I want to start off the year with my top January 2021 fashion picks from a few great high-street brands. My aim is to bring you both comfortable and casual clothing, something I find almost impossible to find for ages 25+. Everything is usually crop tops and tight fitting with aa hella lot of cleavage on show. No thank you. Leggings, cosy knits, and fun prints are much more my kind of style.


For New Year Basics

I must admit, Holister is a brand I haven’t touched in around 10 years. It’s always given me extreme “high-school” vibes. But I must admit, they have some fantastic basics on the go right now. My pet peeve with brands is when they make the clothing all about themselves, when they plaster their logo so large across the front of the item. This collection has none of that. It seems so casual and neutral which I am a big fan of.

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Mango is always one of those brands where the pricing is pleasantly surprising! Every time I go on their website or into their shop I fall in love with a good few items. I’ve curated this list below of my favourite items from their new 2021 line (which they currently have a sale on!). So many great comfortable knits, and casual dresses. This is a must visit!

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Karen Millen

Always one of my favourite brands as everything is always so well made. Karen Millen always has such amazing quality clothing and I feel it ages so well. I have jumpers from there that I’ve owned for 8 years and they are so timeless that they look like they are from this seasons collection. One thing I am in love with in their latest collection is their loungewear! ESPECIALLY as we are in yet another lockdown that doesn’t have an end date in sight. Invest in a set of these and quarantine will certainly be a lot more pleasant, I can guarantee it!

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