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Look of the Day – January 08, 2019
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Look of the Day – January 08, 2019

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How Elbe Was Born
How the Elbe Was Born

Yesterday, a lovely follower ask me, “How you thought of starting the Elbe?” I am a dress girl. I love everything about dresses. Almost a decade ago, I started creating those Pinterest pictures where you will see a dress paired with different accessories. At that time it was a once in while thing. I would look at a dress somewhere, download it and keep it on my computer. After a few days or sometimes weeks found a picture of shoes or earrings that I would think, “oh! they will look great with so and so dress” and put those two pictures together in one. Neither professional nor serious. Fast forward 10 years and in 2017 I started doing it for my royal blog. And in 2018 I decided to dedicate a separate blog for all those pictures. My inspiration or muse was always those beautiful dresses.

Solace London Emilline Flute Sleeve Plisse Dress $515

Rachel Comey Neale Tri Drop Acrylic Earrings $115

Emporio Armani Croc Print Leather Crossbody Clutch Bag With Triangular Fastening $272

Stuart Weitzman Women’s Nudist $560

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