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Septoplasty: What Is It About and Reasons To Consider It

Septoplasty: What Is It About and Reasons To Consider It

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In the world of today, there are many different types of cosmetic procedures taken to either improve one’s look or fox a medical condition. Amongst the numerous surgeries or cosmetic procedures is septoplasty.

If you don’t know much about it, well, septoplasty is a type of surgery people undergo to straighten the cartilage and bone that divides your septum (nostril). If your septum is crooked, it is commonly called a deviated septum. 

When a person suffers from a deviated septum, they find it hard to breathe through their nose, and they could easily contract sinus infections due to poor drainage. 

What Is Septoplasty?

An injury can lead to a deviated septum, while some are born with a deviated septum. Persons with a deviated septum would have a smaller nasal passage than others. 

Eventually, this often leads to difficulty breathing. Symptoms of deviated septum usually include frequent facial pain and nosebleeds, and you can only fix it by undergoing surgery. 

However, septoplasty is the surgical procedure that people having deviated septum undergo for correction. Septoplasty will straighten the septum, thereby allowing better airflow through your nose. 

To avoid risks, when you, for instance, schedule for a septoplasty by Dr. Zadeh, you would have a consultation with the doctor where you and the surgeon will discuss every supplement, over-the-counter, or prescribed medication you take to ensure that the procedure goes well. 

Reasons Why People Consider Septoplasty 

There are several reasons why people undergo septoplasty. But the primary reason is usually to straighten a deviated septum which blocks the nose, affecting airflow. Below are other reasons people consider septoplasty. 

Crooked nose

Sometimes, a deviated septum can be hard to notice, but you might notice that your crooked nose reduces your attractiveness at other times. Most people who visit plastic surgeons have the common concern of a crooked nose, so it is pretty standard.  

If you have a noticeably crooked septum, you might also have difficulty breathing. Therefore, if this is your situation, you must get a septoplasty since it affects your health and self-esteem. 

Additionally, rhinoplasty is the standard cosmetic surgery for people to undergo to fix a crooked nose. Sometimes rhinoplasty is jointly conducted with septoplasty to correct a crooked nose. 

Therefore, it is referred to as septorhinoplasty. Changes to the nose incur additional costs that insurance doesn’t cover.

Enlarged turbinates

Enlarged turbinates sometimes result in breathing issues for some people. Turbinates are small tiny structures in the nose that ensure the air passing through your nostrils to your lungs is humidified and cleansed. 

When the turbinates swell up, it can lead to breathing obstruction. Septoplasty would help correct enlarged turbinates.

Difficulty sleeping 

When you can’t breathe properly, you would have trouble sleeping. You might even snore loudly and wake yourself or your partner up. 

When this becomes a severity, when you notice that you have sleep apnea or snoring issues, you should consider undergoing a septoplasty. Your doctor might first suggest undergoing nonsurgical treatments before they resort to septoplasty. 

Final Words

In an ideal situation, the nasal septum is ideally located in the nose’s center. This ensures that each nasal cavity side is of the same size. 

However, several factors can cause a deviation, such as trauma or even crooked when no injury occurred. Therefore, undergoing a septoplasty becomes essential to return your nose to its natural position to ensure you breathe properly through your nose. 

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