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Signs of High Emotional Intelligence

Signs of High Emotional Intelligence

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In this article, we will look at 9 signs of high emotional intelligence. If you go through the article and realize that you may not be emotionally intelligent, do not panic. Having a high EQ is a journey and something that you can learn. Check out these 9 ways to enhance your emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is a critical component of intelligence. It is the ability to identify, comprehend and control our own emotions.

Having a high EQ is a superpower, hence we should all strive to achieve the highest levels of it. People with high emotional intelligence tend to do better in life than people with low EQ.

High emotional intelligence is more than just understanding your emotions. It’s also understanding other people’s emotions too. It is knowing how to effectively express yourself and communicate your feelings with others.

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Now, without further ado, let us dive into these signs of high emotional intelligence.

Signs of High Emotional Intelligence

1. You Are A Good Listener

People with good listening skills are considered to have high emotional intelligence. Listening is more than hearing words. You must know their meaning and application.

Good listeners are able to take in what others say and reflect it back in a way that truly helps them. These kinds of people give constructive feedback because they take time to understand what others say.

Also, you are able to read between the lines when someone is being vague with you if your EQ is high. You will know when people are withholding some information from you.

2. You Understand That Emotions Are part of being human.

People with high EQ are not afraid to feel their emotions. Contrary to the famous teachings by positivity influencers we should only embrace our positive emotions.

Being able to feel and work on our negative emotions is a sign of emotional intelligence. We do not choose our emotions. When they come instead of concealing them, intelligent people embrace them. They try to understand what these emotions are communicating to them.

And when we understand our emotions, we will appreciate that no emotion is negative. All emotions are designed to help us understand the kind of human we are.

3. You know how to roll with the punches.

People who have high EQ have the ability to roll with the punches when things aren’t going their way.

They don’t take things personally, don’t get upset when things don’t go their way, and are flexible enough to adapt. Emotionally intelligent people can be calm in stressful situations. They maintain their composure even if something unexpected happens. Not all the time though. People with high EQ know when to throw those punches.

Signs of High Emotional Intelligence

4. You know how to be assertive without being aggressive.

Assertiveness is the ability to communicate your feelings in a way that is not aggressive. People with a high EQ are able to command respect from others without being rude.

They communicate clearly and confidently in a way that gets the attention of others. That is how they are able to assume leadership positions in almost all social settings.

Their demeanor is both intimidating and likable to many people.

5. You don’t dwell on the past.

The ability to let go of the past is a sign that you have high emotional intelligence. It means you don’t dwell on the past and make decisions based on how things were in the past. You do what’s best for yourself and your situation at hand. This means letting go of grudges and moving forward with your life.

6. You won’t compromise your own happiness for anyone else’s.

People with high may find themselves saying no more often than others do. Which is a good thing because it makes people respect and admire you. They know that when they ask for something from you, you will do it with integrity and good intentions.

It’s essential that you don’t compromise your own happiness for anyone else’s. You have to know what you want. If others don’t share those values, there are ways they can be accommodated. This will be without compromising who you are or how you live your life.

7. You’re great at communicating your feelings in an effective way.

People with a high EQ are able to communicate their feelings in a way that doesn’t make other people uncomfortable. They don’t allow their emotions to get in the way of their ability to communicate.

Letting people know how their actions made you feel without sparkling disagreements is effective communication.

This helps people know how to treat you. It is a great way of setting healthy boundaries. Emotionally intelligent are rarely disrespected twice by the same person.

8. You’re compassionate, not empathetic.

Empathy is a hallmark of high EQ, but compassion is the opposite. Empathy is the ability to understand someone’s feelings and feel the emotion with them. While compassion is the ability to understand someone’s feelings and do things to make them feel better.

While empathy is considered a good trait, it can be destructive as it enables certain behaviors in people. Compassion offers practical solutions for people. You have high EQ if you help someone out of a bad place without taking yourself to that bad place.

9. When you know you’re right, you stick to it.

You are able to maintain your own opinions, even when they’re not popular. You are not afraid of being hated or canceled.

It is essential to point out that some people are just rude and are not open to hearing other people’s points of view. They believe what they think is right is the only right out here.

People with high EQ, do not go forcing their ideologies on people. However, they will stick to their truth if that specific thing is morally acceptable and respectful. If it is disrespectful in any way, emotionally intelligent people will choose not to voice their beliefs to people.

Just because you think you are right does not mean that you are. Be open to hearing other people’s points of view, then decide to either stick to your truth or adjust to the new reality.


Ultimately, no matter what the signs of high emotional intelligence might be, the real proof is in your own life and relationships. If you can honestly say that you are able to follow through, admit when you are wrong, and can create positive change and reconciliation in all your interactions with others, then you know that your emotional intelligence is high.

I hope you found these signs of high emotional Intelligence helpful. I wish you a good life filled with positive human interactions.

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