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Weekend Trumpets – December III
Weekend Trumpets

Weekend Trumpets – December III

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Weekend trumpets -December III

Hello Ladies, I am back. Many of you were wondering on Instagram where I was this whole week!! As I disclosed last week that I am planning my first ever UK visit, I have been really busy. Visa process is exhausting and I am not even sure what will be the outcome. It’s a waiting game now. A friendly suggestion, if you are travelling somewhere and if you need a visa – get it sorts out first before anything else. It is a tiring process and sometimes de-motivates you. Once you have it in your hand then the fun part begins. Now to what I found this week interesting –

A friendly heads up, I am in “re-evaluate my life” choices mode right now so some of them may not be that interesting:


How to set boundaries in this holiday season- an important self-care tool!

What do you say about this Chanel Hair Mist – Just for $55!

Did you see Duchess of Cambridge’s sparkling appearance at the annual Diplomatic Reception?

This Herbivore Jade Facial Roller is an incredible tool!

2020 – The year of new packaging.

Just finished Aleatha Romig’s Infidelity Series – It was addicting. Must Read!!

Gift or No gift dilemma – I understand it totally

Love this Evergreen Pommed sweater.

What will be our life without social life – see the result of this lady’s choices!!

Something for your Chef friend this Christmas!!

How to get a job without any experience.

This Blush Kenneth Cole is my It this winter!!

7 Strange questions that will help you in finding life purpose.

Going to travel soon so just ordered this beautiful travel Toiletry organizer.

9 Hacks from successful CEOs to increase your productivity.

These Pearl Hoops are going to be part of my travel luggage.

How to connect with people this Christmas!!

Oh la la — This Bvlgari necklace is real vintage beauty!!

Turning 35 soon – Some really good words from Jess!!


Photo by Nora Schlesinger on Unsplash

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