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Weekend Trumpets – December IV
Weekend Trumpets

Weekend Trumpets – December IV

Weekend Trumpets December IV - Copy

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Weekend Trumpets December IV

Can you believe we are enting into the last week of this decade soon?? I am really amazed at the fact. At the starting of the decade, I was a University Student. The biggest issue I used to have then was what how to straight my hairs. And here today at the end of the decade I am a professional with lots of mistakes and experience in her bag. The common worry in the last decade and this decade (I am 1000% sure it will be in next decade too – sigh) is to get up on time and make to my appointments (last decade lectures) on time. But all in all, I am at a happy place, when I look back I definitely see what I achieved, what I lost and what could have been. I am happy, satisfied and determined to make the most out of it. I wish all of you a very Happy Christmas!!

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Photo by Chad Madden on Unsplash

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