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Weekend Trumpets – February I
Weekend Trumpets

Weekend Trumpets – February I

Weekend Trumpets - February I

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Weekend Trumpets - February I

Hello Ladies, I understand many of you have been upset with me. But life has been way too busy and I sort of lost the inspiration for this blog.  So I decidedly took the break. I am not promising anything. I might be back with full force and or I might quit completely. Let us see how the next few weeks sorting out.  On a positive note, I received a British Visa and now planning my first ever trip to the country. I will share the complete itinerary soon.

Are you an avid emoji user – Check these new 78 emotions.

Who does not love a dress – And this Laura Ashley number is simply awesome!!

Walking is the best cure for lots of human mind issues.

Preparing for my UK Visit – This is going to be part of British wardrobe!!

These 10 work hacks will make your life easy!!

It could be a good valentine gift kit element!

What is inside this year’s Oscar Kit??

Have a journal writer in your circle – This could be a perfect gift for her!!

The Chronical problem of Procrastination – I might be going through this.

Looking for a budget-friendly valentine gift – have a look at this.

From Duchess of Cambridge’s BAFTA elegance to Queen Letizia’s chic style – The Royal Fashion was at peek this week.

Was trying my hand at Art & Craft – I am bad but these dying bags are pretty good.

My Read of the week – It was beautifully consuming.

Really – I just don’t have words for it. What do you think of this…. mmmm… I mean this!

Love Vegan food- Try these vegetarian soups!!!

Jot down the journey of your love story with this 3 Year Q&A Book.

Having issues to committing to a hobby – You might not be alone!!

Something to take to house warming party!!

Sea vegetables – The Super Food.

Marks & Spencer collection is simply perfect – and I fell in love with this one!!

Where to watch all the Oscar-nominated movies???

I just found something for my Mother. She will love these.

A take on how to be your authentic self – Must read!!


Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

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