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Weekend Trumpets – January I
Weekend Trumpets

Weekend Trumpets – January I

Weekend Trumper Jan I

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Weekend Trumper Jan I - Copy

Happy New Year Ladies! This is the first weekend of the new Decade. Wow, it’s 2020. So have you made any resolution for the New Year? I will be honest, no I did not. I am planning to make the whole New Year resolution learning and changing things in my life. So 2020 is going to be a year of change and improvement. Hope you will be having a great time this weekend still in the hang of New Year celebrations.

12 books ready to welcome 2020.

For the Cookery Queens – a Kitchen scale!

5 ways to reorganize your home in 2020!

This is a classically elegant Jewelry box!

Have you checked Krystal’s Sabrina series!!

Love this simple yet elegant Angled Ruffle Sheath Dress.

Here’s Where to Donate Your Unused Beauty Products in the New Year!

This shoe rack was saying– take me home. So I did.

Sometimes Letting Go is better than Meditation.

My New Year purchase was for my bedroom!

Climate Change is a big issue. Please do your bit to save the planet!

This Mini Beauty Refrigerator is so cool!!

Not to scare you, but I am again going to insist – our climate is changing and we are responsible for damaging Mother Earth.

Is there anyone who tried this Coffee Grinder?

An interesting way to work – Remote Year! Read for yourself.

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