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Weekend Trumpets – March IV
Weekend Trumpets

Weekend Trumpets – March IV

Elbe Couture House's Weekend Trumpets are very Interesting reads to top off the weekend

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Elbe Couture House's Weekend Trumpets are very Interesting reads to top off the weekend Photo by DeMorris Byrd on Unsplash

Hello Ladies, How your Quarantine life going on? After a small period of lapse, I am back to my basic routine. Phew! it was hard but it’s good to be having a better routine. Hope all of you are following Government and Medical instructions and staying as much as you can. Now let’s what is in this weekend’s trumpets.

The guilt of doing nothing to remove the status of “single woman”!

Anthropologie is having a pretty big sale from 25% to 50% on different products.

From Doctor’s table.

A Royally looking Coined earrings and matching necklace.

Magic of having a Morning Routine – It sets the stage for the day!

What a chic summer dress – A Summer wardrobe must-have.

15 Go-to Pasta Recipes.

Currently reading.

The gap between Knowing and Doing.

Something to light up the home decor.

Working from Home – Pros and Cons – from the comic side.

Lilly Pulitzer’s light and bright spring collection.

Social Distancing must not stop Kids from being Social.

Troubled by dry skin – Try this clean moisturizer.

What an interesting way to look at our day – 100 blocks a day – a really good read!

In the hope that one day we will be back to office wear.

20 free and easy home makeovers to try during self-isolation.

Top it Off with Royal Approval.

How to touch your face less!

Charles & Keith is out there to challenge Mulberry but just without breaking our banks.

80 fun Conversation starters that have nothing to do with COVID19!

What a cool, chic and summer dress for stay at home period.

What happens when you sleep with your phone for a long period.

I cannot recommend this book enough – I bet you will love it.

Hops – Benefits and Side Effects of the Beer origin.

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