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Weekend Trumpets May -IV
Weekend Trumpets

Weekend Trumpets May -IV

Elbe Couture House's Weekend Trumpets May IV

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Elbe Couture House's Weekend Trumpets May IV

Photo by Eugene Chan on Unsplash

Happy Weekend Ladies! Last week I was out of mind and soul so did not write this post. I had a hectic schedule that messed up my blog updates. This weekend I am trying to make it up to you with some really interesting trumpets. Things that I found, read or simply observed. Now as we are slowly going back to our pre-COVID19 life, hows life on your end. Personally I am a bit nervous. I do not want to go out now and really loving this work from home routine. So do not know how I am going to do it. But, as they say, life goes one so give your best shot. Hope you are having a lovely time with yourself, your family and friends. Let’s dive into this week’s feel-good stuff:

I am really loving Queen Letizia of Spain’s work from home style. It’s chic, professional and effortless.

$15 Tie-Dye Solid Cardigan.

A simple kitchen hack to get rid of morning puffy face.

9 steps to self-care.

If you like reading but do not have time – this fiction set will satisfy your reading cravings. I particularly liked this one.

A Summer must-have – Polka Dot Dress for $26.99.

An ultimate Skin Care Guide for both Men and Women. A really interesting and very useful read with the inputs from 2 Dermatologists.

How to shift your mindset.

This $32 Summer dress comes in 38 prints and patterns.

7 New Books to Read While You’re Stuck at Home This June

How to Train your Brain to get what you want.

A pro-tip for fragrance lovers.

Something Classy, Something Budget-friendly, Something Comfortable – A Dress for $33

On Becoming Anti-Racist-  “It is not enough to be not racist, you must actively be anti-racist.â€

How Isolation Changed Everything for Me and My Daughter: A Photo Diary

estrogen dominance – A crucial fact every woman needs to be aware of.

Peace of Mind – From Bill Gates!

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